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UK Mainland Private Hire

UK Mainland Private Hire

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Please note any further requirements such as ferry bookings or admissions you require to be made as part of your hire.

Terms & Condition- Off Island Private Hire

By signing the above booking form you agree to adhere to the Company’s conditions of hire.

The Hirer agrees to be liable for any damage caused to vehicles as a result of the behaviour of their passengers.

The Hirer agrees that the Company shall make amendments to capacity in line with current Government Covid-19 regulations.

The Company have the final decision over the routes taken by the vehicle and reserve the right to refuse transport to locations deemed inaccessible or likely to put the safety of the vehicle, staff and passengers at risk. The Hirer will not request that the driver stops to offload or uplift passengers at any location in breach of traffic law or parking regulations.

Where hotel accommodation is required as part of a hire the Hirer will have the option of providing suitable accommodation for our driver(s). Suitable accommodation is deemed, as a minimum, to be a single en-suite room in a hotel with dinner and breakfast included or an allowance of £15 and £10 respectively paid in their place in cash to the driver. Alternatively the Hirer may request the Company arrange such accommodation and agree to the costs of this being charged to them. Where overnight ferry travel is required, the driver must be provided with cabin facilities along the same terms as outlined above. Under no circumstances should drivers be expected to share rooms or cabins with other drivers or passengers.

A deposit of 25% of the total booking value is due 28 days before the hire commencing, or within 48 hours of booking should the hire be booked with less than 28 days notice.

Full balance of payment is due not less than 21 days before the hire.

In the event of cancellation by the Hirer the following penalties will apply:

  • 7 days or more before hire- full refund of any monies paid less any non-recoverable expense to the Company.
  • 5 – 7 days before hire- loss of deposit plus any non-recoverable expense to the Company.
  • 5 days – 48 hours before hire- 50% of total booking cost will be refunded less any non-recoverable expense to the Company.
  • Less than 48 hours before hire- no refund will be due.

These are the minimum refund amounts due and the Company may, at the discretion of the Managing Director, offer higher refunds or credit for future bookings.