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Rugged Northern Exposure

Eshaness a designated geopark, striking red granite cliffs. See natural arches and sea stacks (the drongs) formed by a volcano and glacier – some of Britain’s oldest rock nearing 3 billion years old is not far.

4 hour tour

Enjoy a 300m cliff top walk and photograph the spectacular scenery, listen to the Atlantic Ocean and witness the beauty of how the sea has shaped this rugged land while breathing the freshness of air. This tour takes you around the lighthouse at Eshaness also, past Mavis Grind where the North Sea about meets the Atlantic and a fascinating visit to the Tangwick Haa museum where you can learn of the area’s local history in fishing and crofting. The beautiful hamlet of Voe will be driven through and the village of Brae. Refreshments can be arranged in the Braewick café with views of spectacular scenery where the sea is a dominant fixture. Various bird and sea life may be witness on the way and of course plenty of the famous Shetland sheep – their wool is used in traditional Shetland knitting.