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Ponies Express

You will be seeing a panorama of the town of Lerwick, Shetland’s capital and most northerly town of the British Isles.

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40 minute tour

Developing from the 1600’s on the rise of the fishing industry where it eventually took over from the ancient capital Scalloway. Witness the town hall, sea front, Clickimin Broch (2,000 years old) and surrounding building of Lerwick.

Travelling to Scalloway the ancient capital where you will stop at Carol’s Ponies, you have a chance to meet, learn about and photograph these wonderful animals. Originating in Shetland the breed was a packing pony and are now found all over the world, used as popular riding ponies for children and a companion to horses. Carol the stud owner will explain all in her talk about these beautiful creatures, remember they have teeth and may assume fingers for carrots! So please do not feed the ponies.

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