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Lerwick Autos

Largest Commercial tyre changer in Shetland

Lerwick Autos is our new base for garage services in Lerwick providing tyres, servicing and repairs for both private and commercial vehicles.


We supply tyres for all types of private and commercial vehicles from leading brands such as TOYO, VREDESTEIN and CONTINENTAL. We can carry out tyre fitting and balancing including 4-wheel alignment using our new machines.

We have diagnostics machines for vehicles and offer TPMS (tyre pressure monitoring system) programming, replacement valves and the latest range of Nitrogen filled tyres instead of the standard oxygen. Nitrogen molecules are larger than Oxygen meaning that tyres don’t lose pressure as quickly leading to better tyre wear, better MPG and less problems overall.

Commercial vehicle servicing and repairs

For commercial vehicles, Lerwick Autos now provides a convenient well-equipped garage in a central location which can cater for commercial repairs, servicing and parts replacement for buses, trucks and other commercial vehicles. The garage is fully kitted out with quality equipment including our range of HOFMANN wheel equipment and SOMERS lifts.

Quality service

Our garage prices are reasonable and you are sure to find a friendly welcome and a same high level of service. Give us a call today and we'll be happy to help.